How to Lose 3Kg of body fat in a week and keep fit.

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7 min readJan 9, 2020
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‘You are looking fat’, ‘You have put on so much weight’, ‘You need to watch how you eat’, these and many more are the various remarks that we can get when we start getting out of proportion, even though everyone has a benchmark on which their perceptions are based. In a nutshell ‘being fat’ is relative, just as someone’s height is. That is why there are many variations of body weight, some people claim they are rather thick than fat.

The focus of this write-up is on keeping fit and reducing body fat. Although anyone that wants to maintain weight and keep fit can also benefit from reading this. Stick with me to the end and you will have a time well spent.

You have to exercise, or at some point you’ll just break down. — Barack Obama

It is not compulsory to lose weight, however for our health benefits, it is important to lower the excess body fat as we get older. I am not here to quantify what amount is excess. However, if we are restricted from doing the most common things as a result of bodyweight, then it’s time to shed some of it. The level of cholesterol, breathing pattern, blood pressure, sleep apnea are some of the challenges that arise from excess body fat. Now if we are experiencing any of the aforementioned challenges, just know that it can be fixed. Stay with me, we are getting there.

I am not also here to prescribe one medication or ask anyone to go get a waist trainer. Far from it. We are majorly a composition of what we consume over time and some problems arise when those things consumed are not effectively and efficiently utilized. If we could lose 3kg of body fat per week, how much do you think you will weigh in a month? Probably 12–15kg less. It may seem unattainable, but it can be done, trust me.

Let’s get to it.

We will start with just two things. Jogging and fruits. Forget about the treadmill, let’s take it to the streets. In case you are scared of pedestrians staring at you, jog very early in the morning or late in the evening when it’s a bit dark. Use the pedestrian for safety. We’ll also need to stick to roads with little traffic. By continuously following the guides that I will soon get to, we’ll start to notice tremendous transformations on our body. This is not for the faint-hearted, it requires some level of discipline and dedication.

Running is not just exercise; it is a lifestyle — John Bingham

When it comes to jogging, it is a slow and firming process that tones the body while weight from excess fat is being lost. Some people use other weight loss strategies after which the skin is left sagging, but this does not apply to jogging. I know there are various reasons or excuses you are conjuring in your mind right now, but what of making mental pictures of your perfect shape instead. I must bring to your notice that the mind is a very integral part of this process. The mind is required to push the body to achieve the desired results. When you start ruling out the possibilities of losing weight in your mind, you have already made it practically impossible to do so.

I know this writing is beginning to get lengthy, but if we can’t exercise the patience to read, how can we be able to complete a 2km jogging distance.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in — Jim Rohn

We need to get certain things ready to make the experience worthwhile. First get the right jogging gear(socks, tight, top, gloves, good sports bra, earbuds, trainers, headbands). Get a weighing balance too. We must be comfortable in those gears before we commence the journey. Get knee braces if need be. The first thing is to make sure you are comfortable in your jogging gear because you don’t want the mind to be distracted by bad trainers or oversized top. Music can also enhance the experience, choose a playlist that gets your blood pumped. Remember I mentioned hitting the street instead of the treadmill. You need to get a distance measuring app, Nike(ios, Android) or Adidas(ios, Android). This will enable you to measure your pace, possible calories burnt and distance covered over a given time.

I will take back something I said earlier, and it is about hitting the street. If it is too cold outside or safety is a concern, then the treadmill could be a better resort. By too cold, I mean below 6°C. Otherwise, we have no excuse. A good sweat pants and top can give the necessary warmth to pull through temperatures above 6°C. On each of the days listed below, try to eat 2 hours before jogging, if it is in the evening. That should be the last meal for the day. For the morning, I presume it’s too early to eat before 7am. On each of these days, we have to also keep a record of the weight measurements. Don’t put in so much thoughts to the results. Also For the suggestions below, I am assuming you are an absolute beginner that have not made any prior effort to jog.

Day 1:

Start with covering 1Km over a period of 8–10mins per Km. After that, grab some watermelon and an apple to console yourself 😁.

Day 2:

On the second day, cover the same distance as the first day, but try to keep it under 8 minutes Per Km. This will require increasing your pace. You can use the same route. Pineapple and watermelon mixed together should be a good combo to reward your hard work.

Day 3:

Now it is time to increase the distance. You have to cover 2Km, over a period of 8–11 Mins per Km. This will require pushing your mind, try not to use the same route as day 1 and 2. How does a combination of coconut and pineapple taste 🤔, you have to find out. It Can also be much better if blended.

Day 4:

Still on a 2Km distance, keep the time frame below 9 minutes per km. You can use the same route as day 3.

You did a great job. Two apples and a pear should be enough to get some waste out of your bowel.

Day 5:

Time to take it up a bit. We have to cover a distance of 3Km today. You can do this!. It should be done over an 8 to 12 minutes time span per Km. Don’t overthink it. You can do it!. We can change the route, use that of day 1 and 2. Watermelon and bananas should do for today, blend it for easy digestion.

Day 6:

Using the same route as day 5, try to cover the same distance of 3Km but keep it under 10 minutes per Km. Get some Oranges or Grapes to quench your thirst. I didn’t mention processed orange juice. Get the real orange fruit and peel it yourself.

Day 7:

Let us stretch it, like really stretch it. 4Km 😎. Are you up for it? I am convinced you are. You can use 8–15 mins per Km, but you have to finish. Go grab some banana and watermelon and help your self.

Fitness starts in your head. You must choose to eat clean, exercise regularly, and treat your body with respect


Take the weight measurements after each jogging session, before consuming the fruits. I hope that following the instructions above, we were able to get rid of at least 3kg of fat, and not just water. For this to work, we have to take into consideration the type of things you consume. I am not a dietitian, but I know that unhealthy snacking and consuming of alcohol can lead to weight gain. All our efforts may yield nothing if we don’t eat right. If you completed the seven days, it amounts to a total distance of 16Km. If we can maintain a total of 12–20Km in a week, by a Month, you should have knocked off roughly 12–15Kg of body fat. Keep at it until you feel good in your body. Picture how you will look, do you feel happy? If you do, get your a** up and get your gear ready for action. You can add other forms of workout patterns as time goes on.

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