How to start and maintain your fitness journey

Ugwu Arinze Christopher
3 min readFeb 8, 2021


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Sometimes it is easy to start something, but making progress takes more than the willingness to start. Keeping fit is one of those things that some of us tend to start and then throw in the towel before the rubber barely meets the road. Not knowing why you want to keep fit is just enough reason not to. As you know, we are wired to be actively engaged in various activities, carried out to make ends meet. What I mean is that, before the advent cars, internet and so many other innovations, we were more active(unconsciously).

Most things that will require us to carry out any physical activity have continued to be eradicated with the help of technology. Shopping and even ordering of food from closeby restaurants can be done with few clicks of a button, without you getting up from the sofa. Taxis can pick you up from your doorstep. Technology is simply taking away most processes that require us to be physically involved in going about our daily lives. This means that keeping fit and healthy is no longer a choice but a necessity.

Having been equipped with the knowledge of why you need to start and maintain your fitness journey, we will now take a look at some of the tips that can help to make that journey worthwhile. To make it more relatable, I will be using a house to paint a mental picture of the tips that would be helpful.

Guarding the Doors

Just like any house, there is always the need to guard against unfavourable elements. The same and more should apply to the body. No matter what route one takes in a fitness journey, efforts will be like putting money in a pocket full of holes, if the right things don't get into the body. Imagine working out and running miles only to come home and eat those things that will adversely affect the efforts you have put in.

Keeping the House in order

With the door guarded, sometime certain things may creep in from time to time. It is required to do the necessary things to reduce the effect. I usually take fruits a lot, I believe it aids in digestion and boosting of the immune system. I believe it should be part of every meal. Sometimes it can be very beneficial to go on just fruits for a couple of days, up to a week. It kind of helps to reset the system and eliminate certain unwanted elements.

Tyding up

As aforementioned, fruits can help to improve the digestion and removal of waste. On another hand, it is required to get physically involved in this process. This could mean registering in a gym or having a routine for running. I shared some running tips in a previous post which can be found here.

I hope these tips are helpful to start and maintain a fitness journey. Don’t forget to follow for more.



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